COVID Translate Project

Latest update (May 17th, 2020)

Operation and management guidelines for nationally-designated inpatient beds

In this document put out by the KCDC, you can find out about the ways hospitals in South Korea are managed and operated under a national publich health emergency due to infectious diseases. The document describes how inpatient beds are isolated from the rest of the hosital, how healthcare professionals can protect themselves from getting infected, how these efforts are operationalized and managed day-to-day, and many more. Please note that we have not decided to translate Part 3 because it contains details that are very specific to the Korean healthcare system.

More recent updates

May 11th, 2020

As some places around the world begin to loosen restrictions, the Korean government has released guidelines for Routine Distancing in Daily Life, a guide to maintaining certain distancing and hygiene measures while resuming at least a portion of normal operations. It includes guidelines for customer-facing businesses, outdoor venues like campgrounds and stadiums, public facilities such as libraries and parks, as well as other situations in which people normally gather. Each section has a clearly explained list of procedures to follow which might prove useful to those resuming some regular activities.

May 6th, 2020

Today, we're excited to share a number of new documents that were worked on by volunteers around the world! First, our amazing Spanish translators have completed their work on the KCDC response guidelines for local governments. This is now added to the collection of translations in Russian, Romanian, Italian, and English. In addition, our Russian and Italian translators have completed their translation of the walk-thru / drive-thru installation guides that were posted about a month ago. Once again, thank you for all your hard work, and we hope that this knowledge can reach even more people around the world.

Also, a team of volunteers working with the African Future Foundation (AFF) and the Korean Global Health Forum (KGHF) have kindly shared with us the translations that they have been working on. These are translations of three guidelines published by the KCDC: "Critical care guidelines", "Hospital-level healthcare facilities guidelines", and "Pediatric care guidelines". Thank you all for sharing, and we deeply appreciate your effort to help spread this information to more parts of the world!

Next, SeungCheol Ohk and his team shared with us a new document that describes how to build a walk-thru booth for COVID-19 testing. This was very interesting to see, with focus on making a design that uses readily available materials like acrylic and wooden boards. Thank you for sharing this!

Lastly, the COVID Translate Team has begun translating KCDC's "Operation and management guidelines for nationally-designated inpatient beds". Today, we're sharing the first part of this document, and we'll be uploading more in the near future.

April 30th, 2020

The Russian version of the Appendix to the KCDC "Response Guidelines for Local Governments" has been uploaded. Thank you to our Russian volunteers!